In Tune With The Infinite

This book was first published in 1897. Henry Ford is said to have given away hundreds of copies of this book. This is a book that shares many of the same views as As a Man Thinketh by James Allan. Following the books, advice will help you to be prosperous, overcome inner struggles, and live a happy and healthy life.

Ralph Waldo Trine was/is regarded as one of the original founding voices of the New Thought movement, and with books like, In Tune with the Infinite, it is easy to see why. First published 120 years ago; it is still very popular today. The main premise of this book is very similar to others in the genre with the belief that our internal dialogue and beliefs are manifest in the external: essentially our thoughts create our reality.

Thoughts are forces and when we realize the power within us and truly believe in that ability, then we can create a reality that we want rather than living in the reality that appears beyond our control. Trine goes on to say that “thoughts are forces, subtle, vital, creative, continually building and shaping our lives according to their nature. It is in this way that the life always and inevitably follows the thought.” This of course means that we need to take responsibility for our thoughts and for the outcomes that come as a result of them; an idea that many people do not wish to entertain because it is far easier to place blame on external forces. Compounding the problem is those fear thoughts will bring with them consequences that are in opposition to what we desire. We manifest what we think about not what we want. The mind is everything, what you think you become.

The three most powerful points I took from the book were;

  1. Thoughts are things and therefore your thoughts will manifest themselves.

  2. What you think, you will become.

  3. There is a divine power running throughout the universe and connecting with it is the secret to all success

Lessons from the book, if applied, will give you the power to transform your life by allowing you to reclaim your power from the external. This does mean that we are honest with ourselves and that we take responsibility for both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ alike. Each one of us is building his own world. We both build from within and we attract from without. Thought is the force with which we build, for thoughts are forcing. Like builds like and like attracts like.

Trine explains that everything is first worked out in the unseen before it is manifested in the seen, in the ideal before it is realized in the real, in the spiritual before it shows forth in the material. The realm of the unseen is the realm of cause. The realm of the seen is the realm of effect. The nature of effect is always determined and conditioned by the nature of its cause.

Trine goes on to state that there is a divine power running throughout the universe. To come into harmony with this divine power and thereby with all the higher laws and forces and to work in conjunction with it and it in conjunction with us, is the secret of all success.

The fullness of Peace, Power and Plenty.

Trine goes on to say that the optimist is right and that the pessimist is right. The one differs from the other as the light from the dark. Yet both are right. Each is right from his own particular point of view, and this point of view is the determining factor in the life of each. It determines as to whether it is a life of power or of impotence, of peace or of pain, of success or of failure. Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen to you. The same with the opposite.

The optimist has the power of seeing things in their entirety and in their right relations. The pessimist looks from a limited and one-sided point of view. The one has his understanding illumined by wisdom, the understanding of the other is darkened by ignorance. Each is building his world from within, and the result of the building is determined by the point of view of each. The optimist, by his superior wisdom and insight, is making his own heaven, and to the degree that he makes his own heaven is he helping to make one for all everyone around him. The pessimist, by virtue of his limitations, is making his own hell, and in the degree that he makes his own hell is he helping to make one for everyone around him.

You and I have the predominating characteristics of an optimist or the predominating characteristics of a pessimist. We then are making, hour by hour, our own heaven or our own hell; and in the degree that we are making the one or the other for ourselves are we helping make it for all the people close to us.

The Supreme Fact of the Universe.

According to Trine, it is fact that the power in the universe is the Spirit of Infinite Life and Power that is behind all. If there is an individual life, there must of necessity be an infinite source of life from which it comes. If there is a quality or a force of love, there must of necessity be an infinite source of love from which it comes. If there is wisdom, there must be the all-wise source behind it from which it springs. The same is true in regard to peace, the same in regard to power, the same in regard to what we call material things.

There is, then, this Spirit of Infinite Life and Power behind all which is the source of all. This Infinite Power is creating, working, ruling through laws and forces that run through all the universe, that surround us on every side.

Every act of our everyday lives is governed by these same great laws and forces. In a sense, there is nothing in all the great universe but law. If this is true there must of necessity be a force behind it all that is the maker of these laws and a force greater than the laws that are made. This Spirit of Infinite Life and Power that is behind all is God.

God, then, is this Infinite Spirit which fills all the universe with Himself alone, so that all is from Him and in Him, and there is nothing that is outside. Indeed and in truth, then, in Him, we live and move and have our being. He is the life of our life, our very life itself.


What I took from it.

When we can do away with all sense of separateness from the universe around us and realize that we are one with Infinite Design and Power, our bodily ills and weaknesses vanish, and all limitations disappear. In a clearly written explanation of New Thought philosophy, Trine covers how to tap into this power of the cosmos to impact your health, wealth, and personal growth.

Be careful of the things you think about; as thought becomes things. You will attract what you think about all day long. It was Confucius who said that he who thinks he can and he who thinks he can’t, is both usually right. Optimist or Pessimist. Which one are you?

My Rating

If you want to rediscover and tune in to the Inner Self or if you are in the depths of despair or are experiencing that mysterious inner longing, read this book. For me, however, I just could not get going with this book. I so wanted to enjoy this book but I just couldn’t get into flow with it.

Being written 120 years ago; it's written in a style and using grammar that made it difficult for my simple brain to follow first time. I ended up reading paragraphs over and over just to try and get the meaning from it. If ever a simplified or more modern translation becomes available, I will be the first in the queue to order one. However, having sold millions of copies worldwide, this book still remains one of the great spiritual classics of all time.