Hi, my name is Robbie; Robert to my mother for the last 40 odd years whenever I am in trouble; and trusts                                                                 me even in my forties I still manage to get myself in trouble with her. But for everyone else its Robbie. Not                                                                   Bob, please :-)


                                                           I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. Not that I have won the lottery, I don’t drive a fancy car, I live                                                               in a modest apartment; I’m not a millionaire and work a 9-5 job; ok an 8-8 job, but who is counting. What I do                                                             have is a beautiful wife, an amazing little girl, a loving family, a few awesome friends, and a drive to                                                                             continuously learn, grow and move myself forward, because I am a firm believer in what Tony Robbins is                                                                   saying, that if you don't have a goal, move forward and grow, that you die.


                                                           And I want to live…





I grew up in a loving family where manners and morals were the rules of the day. Showing respect for my elders and living by the golden rule of treating other people how I want to be treated. My parents, who have been married for over 50+ years, have tried their best to ensure we had a balanced life with a spiritual foundation and that has served me well to this day.


I always had a passion for travel, as most do, and experiencing new cultures. I try never to travel to the same place twice and have a goal to see a new world wonder every year. Next on my list is trekking through Patagonia and running a marathon while there. I consider myself semi educated with two degrees and paying my way through life as a General Manager for a great company in the UK. 


I thought that I pretty much had everything sussed and on-route towards my set forward plan, BUT my life recently changed in many ways. I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on my wedding day; not many people can say they had an ambulance for a wedding car; got married, had my first child, bought a property, renovations; trying hard to sell another property that is cash draining, and getting my zest for theology back again. 


Being diagnosed with T1D changed my life in so many ways. Not only do I have to inject myself four times a day

with insulin just to stay alive; having to learn about nutrition, carb counting, and no more Red Bulls; but it made

me realize how quickly life can change. One day I was getting nervous about my wedding speech; the next I was

in the hospital with 4 drips in my arms being told that with a blood sugar level of 33 I could have gone into a coma

if my wife of 1 hour did not make me get in the ambulance that day.


Diabetes saved my life! Paradoxical right? But I have always taken the future for granted and my recent experiences                                          have taught me just how precious life really is. It has given me a new thirst for knowledge, a drive to be a better me in                                            all I do; constantly learning. It made me think for the first time about insurances. What if something does happen to me,                                      what will happen to my new wife and child! It makes me think that at 46, of what I can still do with this body that I am in,                                      how far can I push it, but in a healthy way.


What knowledge do I need to obtain to be a great leader for my team at work? Doing research and looking for many answers made me realize how little I know and what I did know, how quickly I forgot and therefore need to be reminded. With the plethora of information out there; what is valuable to me and my goals and what not and how can I sift through the malaise to find what I am looking for. That brings me to the reason for this blog…





I don’t consider myself a guru at anything. My newly found objective in life is to know a bit about a lot of things and not a lot about one specific thing. It goes against some methodologies that one needs to specialize in a specific area, but that is not for me. I am working on a personal mission statement and at the moment am a bit stuck as it just reads "I aim to ___" The spaces to be whatever is always important to me every day or what is important at that very moment. My aim can be to be grateful for something, to be contributing to a stranger’s life, be a great father, husband, employee, boss etc. Every day many of the same things, but every day something new; every day to have a challenge, to dedicate my life to learning, to go to bed wiser than when I woke up, to never retire and always grow.


The aim of this blog is not to see how many 'Likes' I will get or how many followers or feedback posts I have. That is vanity. If one entry helps one person think or do something in a more positive way than before; that is great and help me towards my 'contributing to other's' goal. My main aim is rather a sanity check; to have a reference point for my own self development, a one-stop shop I can refer back to time and time again of things I read and found interesting; experiences I had and want to share, video clips I've seen and want to archive, new habits I want to create. Some articles are written by me, but most articles, clips or stories; I have read or seen and inspired me and therefore want to refer back to them whenever I need to.


For something to become a habit; one needs to be reminded of it constantly; think of it constantly, doing it constantly and eventually it will become a habit. I hope this blog might help you in establishing some new positive habits as well; therefore encourage any response to any entry in order to start a healthy discussion or debate.


Our best days are still ahead.


Have fun!